Fancy Fancy Dress?

Fancy that!

Sunday, July 5th, 12pm - 4pm: Join the fun and dress as you whatever you like... street urchin, chimney sweep, the unknown or the famous, a Roman soldier, Cleopatra, Long John Silver, Mad hatter, any time, any person..

Arrive by carriage, by rickshaw, with you wish.


Left, Look at them! Entrants ELIMINATED for arriving at the Festival in an overloaded vehicle while under the influence of FANCY DRESS FUN! And will you look at yer wan in the hat... Disgraceful you know, making a show of themselves like that... And not a road-tax disk to be seen, covered as it is by that hussy...

Prizes include:-


  • Prize 1 here

  • Prize 2 here

  • Prize 3 here

  • Prize 4 here


Judges will be roaming incognito to select the winners.

Prizes will be presented on site around 5.30pm

Video Clips